Pain in a Child's Foot

Any pain in a child's foot can affect his or her daily activities and further development, and can therefore cause concern for parents or carers. There can be many causes, including:

  • Recent injury
  • Increase in physical activity which may include a sports carnival or extra curricular activity such as football, netball or dancing. 
  • Sometimes symptoms from an old injury can manifest as the child grows, such as small stress fractures or unresolved muscular or tendon bruises.
  • Poorly fitting shoes. Your South Lake podiatrist can give advice on the perfect shoes for you.
  • Growth spurts or 'growing pains'. As the foot grows, a child may complain of 'growing pains'. These pains may be treated by the one of our Podiatrists at South Lake Podiatry.

It is important that you seek professional advise, whenever your child has any pain.