TOG GaitScan

One of our podiatry treatments in Perth is a TOG GaitScan; a highly sensitive pressure mat designed to obtain information about how you stand and walk. Thousands of tiny sensors in the mat help to show the cause of skin lesions in the feet, including corns, calluses, ulcers and blisters. TOG GaitScan can assess:

  • Static plantar pressures
  • Asymmetry with quantitative left/right proximal/distal, medial/lateral​
  • Dynamic segmental loading with norms
  • Onset, peak, off-loading and duration on 14plantar surfaces
  • Phases of gait measurements with comparisons to established norms
  • Overall impulse in percentage with comparisons to norms
  • Multi-coloured gait and pressure graphics 2D/3D (Figure 1)
  • Shock absorption/ground force reaction at the heel
  • Pronatory charts, rear foot/whole foot, right/left
  • Foot abduction/adduction compared to plum line
  • Quantitative gait speeds left/right